Calise 389 Average item level
(389 equipped)

85 Night Elf Druid, Female Member of Free and Wild

Character Stats

Health: 143600 Mana: 129420


Stamina: 7452
Strength: 117
Agility: 118
Intellect: 6620
Spirit: 2707


Attack Power: 469
Ranged Attack Power: 0
Spell Power: 9396
Resilience: 360 (+4.47%)
Mastery Rating: 982 (+5.48)

Talents View in Talent Calculator »

Takes on the form of a great cat to deal damage with bleeds and bites or a mighty bear to absorb damage and protect allies.

Can take on the form of a powerful Moonkin, balancing the power of Arcane and Nature magic to destroy enemies at a distance.

Professions »

Leatherworking: 57 / 150

Skinning: 225 / 300

Player vs. Player »

Honorable Kills: 3159
Rated Battleground Rating: Soon™
2v2 No Team
3v3 No Team
5v5 No Team

Recent Activity »

Kill boss Asaad (heroic)
8 days ago

Kill boss Altairus (heroic)
8 days ago

Kill boss Grand Vizier Ertan (heroic)
8 days ago

Obtained Crystalline Brimstone Ring
8 days ago

Obtained Deep Earth Leggings
11 days ago

Last Update: 2018-12-09 22:25:48