Ajmakadin 383 Average item level
(383 equipped)

85 Human Paladin, Female Member of Free and Wild

Character Stats

Health: 191298 Mana: 25124


Stamina: 10591
Strength: 4765
Agility: 122
Intellect: 132
Spirit: 138


Attack Power: 9765
Ranged Attack Power: 0
Spell Power: 2980
Resilience: 0 (+0.00%)
Mastery Rating: 2469 (+13.77)

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Uses Holy magic to shield $Ghimself:herself; and defend allies from attackers.

Invokes the power of the Light to protect and to heal.

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Player vs. Player »

Honorable Kills: 9
Rated Battleground Rating: Soon™
2v2 No Team
3v3 No Team
5v5 No Team

Recent Activity »

Kill boss High Priestess Azil (heroic)
24 days ago

Kill boss Ozruk (heroic)
24 days ago

Kill boss Slabhide (heroic)
24 days ago

Kill boss Corborus (heroic)
24 days ago

Kill boss Lord Godfrey (heroic)
about 1 month ago

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