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07.10.2017 - 4.3.0 content

Ahoy restless players!

Today, we arrive before you with great news! No, it's not the time for St. Nicholas' Day, yet ;)

Next edition of our contest

Next edition of our contest! Rules do not change. All necessary information below. Good luck!

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Arena Season end

It is finally time to reward the best of the best PvP players for their performances.

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Old event, new event and changes

FanArt event has come to an end and the winners were chosen. We extended the event for almost twice as long, but it was definitely worth it. Many excellent pieces of work were submited on our mailbox, both valuable and certainly, time-consuming. We surely regret that we can't reward every artist.

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Recruitment, Events and more

Dear Atlantiss Community!

We'd like to announce that we're looking for people who would like to join our project and help us and players as a Game Master.

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Developer Update

Welcome to the 4th Developer Update.
The last Developer Update was around a month ago, a lot of changes were made in the last month so let’s get started.

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