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Important information for new players.

Since we have made transfers available we've had a considerable influx of new players so we remind you that in order to play on our server you must first download our "*. exe" file available HERE.

Some news in the new year.

Although both winter holidays and the new year's eve are already behind us, we still have some surprises for you. We finally managed to finish working on the Battleground - Strand of the Ancients. It is now fully playable and requires only cosmetic fixes and it has been available for pvp players since the fifth of January.

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Happy New Year!

Administration of Atlantiss wishes a happy new year to all players. May your dreams come true in 2014!

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Heroic challenges just around the corner

On January 8th two bosses in The Bastion of Twilight will be available to kill on Heroic mode: Halfus Wyrmbreaker and Valiona & Theralion. Bosses are currently available on our PTR Realm, so we ask you to test them, so we will be able to fix all the bugs you find.

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Christmas Gifts

As promised, some news about our latest projects, the ones that are complete, as well as those we are still working on. It has been, and still is, a challenge to take your requests and suggestions into consideration while still working on things that we wanted to do since the beginning, but here’s the list of recent changes:

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Changelog 4 November to 11 December

Time for the next summary of the changes made to our server in the last month. We present you the changelog in which you can observe the changes made on the server between 4 November and 11 December.

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