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Ask Me (Us) Anything! - ENDED

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Ask Me (Us) Anything! - ENDED

The first official Atlantiss AMA is here!

Have you ever wondered what toothpaste does Wolfenstein use after his hard days of coding on our Netherwing realm...

Perhaps you wanted to know why Bastek plays Mercy so often in Overwatch?

Maybe ask one of our Game Masters about their tickets experiences in dealing with players?

Or just maybe you wanted to ask one of our beloved developers or even our favourite boss Emtec a more advanced technical question about the development, our future plans for the community or the future of private servers scene.

If you ever had that one question that's been bothering you and you want it asnwered, now it's your time, the floor is yours.





Question will be answered in about 2 weeks time (depends how much we get them) and answers will be further summarized in categories and posted publically for you to read.



quintenwow 2018-07-20 05:13:51 #

This has to be a joke right?


terminator2 2018-07-25 08:42:38 #

why server crushed ?


Titidu37 2018-07-26 01:34:01 #

bonjour je suis nouveau et je viens de DL l'install mais je n'arrive pas a lancé le jeu g que erreur 134 du coup je suis les recommandation mais en vain rien a faire toujours la meme erreur que dois je faire ??? car du coup g essayer avec un autre serveur ( Ashamane) et g aucun soucis help me plz

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