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We've decided to introduce this feature in the interest of our players and the level of gameplay on the server, due to players demands.

Transfers will begin on 01.08.2018 and will be handled in the same manner as our previous ones from long time ago.


Now, let's jump into specifics, because that's what you're here for:

  • Transfers are free for everyone
  • You can transfer as many characters as you wish to
  • We transfer only from Blizzlike realms with rates up to x8 operating on expansions from Vanilla all the way up to Mists of Pandaria
  • Remember that the character and only the character you want to transfer is deleted on the server you're transferring from

Together with the first wave of transfers, we'll enable a x3 bonus experience which will be available to everyone and will last until the end of the transfers!



When you're transferring a character to our server, you'll receive items mentioned below:

  • An 85 or 80 (your choice) level character on our server.
  • Riding and the ability to fly in all zones.
  • 1000 gold to purchase all necessary skills.
  • Level 85 or 80 full basic, green, questing set with weapons.

For every other information click on the rules & guide above.

Make sure to join our Discord to be up to date with everything or perhaps ask some questions!

Prepare for a great adventure! Grab yourself a couple of Red Bulls, inform your family not to worry, that you're going to be off for a couple of days and invite your friends and ask them to pick up food on their way over.

The Atlantiss community welcomes you.



Clansen 2018-07-27 05:27:14 #

Welcome and thank you! x]


Thrashkiller 2018-07-27 05:58:15 #

Hi. I come from another server 4.3.4, but I would like to know if the migration includes at least the 450 level professions, achievements and reputations. Thank you.


yggr 2018-07-27 06:46:35 #

@thrashkiller Unfortunately no, as much as I understand as a player how achievements reputation or professions can be important, we are not certain how were they acquired in the first place (bugs etc.) It would be unfair towards current Atlantiss players


cazatoches1 2018-07-27 07:12:50 #

Hi, I would like to know if the characters migrated need to be the same faction and race as the original char.


yggr 2018-07-27 07:17:21 #

@cazatoches1 No, the only thing that needs to be the same is the characters class. You are free to choose a different faction and race


proton876a 2018-07-27 09:08:39 #

Hi, I would like to transfer a character from Warmanes cata server Neltharion which will be decommissioned but it can be entered for now, so is it a problem?


yggr 2018-07-27 09:34:27 #

@proton876a Yes, we'll allow it


Thrashkiller 2018-07-27 11:32:31 #

Hello again. I have another doubt, I come from a server where my characters exist in both kingdoms: One of Wotlk and another of Cataclysm. I would like to know if migrating my character this will be erased from both realms or just from one. Thanks again.


kelmtz 2018-07-28 12:20:41 #

hi, i have a char in warmane wotlk server, but i want to transfer him to here, any problem with the inter-expansion transfer?


cmoudo33 2018-07-28 06:45:11 #

Can i transfer two characters from two acounts from the same server?


cmoudo33 2018-07-28 06:50:39 #

Another qvestion: Can i transfer character which obtain lvl 85 at 1.8.2018? Played time about 7-8 days


yggr 2018-07-28 08:17:14 #

@Trashkiller Characters will be erased only from the account from which you wish to transfer


yggr 2018-07-28 08:17:30 #

@kelmtz You can still transfer your character :)


yggr 2018-07-28 08:17:58 #

@cmoudo33 Yes and yes


skeeve 2018-07-28 02:15:49 #

is it transfer on new fresh 4.0.6 realm? or on old 4.3?


TantBob 2018-07-28 03:14:47 #

On the old one skeeve, the transfers for the new one will come way after realm first 85


Kyosw 2018-07-28 03:15:51 #

I'm interested in transfering my char from Warmane-Icecrown realm. I'd like to know will my gear stay with me ? I could use a lot of it for transmog. Ty.


Kiinn 2018-07-28 03:24:09 #

I've heard we are allowed to transfer lvl 85 from MoP (even tho maxed lvl is 90), is that true?


Saphrea 2018-07-28 03:51:55 #

I am relatively new to private servers, and have no idea what happens in the process of a character transfer. From what I understand there is another Cata server I can transfer to from Dragonwrath, but what does that mean, exactly? Here are my specific questions: 1) Do I keep basic gear, such as xmog, or low level Cata gear? 2) What about gold, or the inventory of my bank and bags? 3) What about professions and reputation going from Dragonwrath to the new Cata server? Thank you in advance for your time!


Valkasar 2018-07-28 05:03:35 #

@Saphrea from what I've seen from transers: 1) you are given a blank inventory, with some basic bags, and full green item set for leveling. No xmog, legendaries, nothing of that sort 2) you get 1000 gold, for early repairs and powers, and probably some starter bags (12 slot bags, I reckon? from the atlantiss transfers from waaay back) 3) you do not keep professions, nor reputations, nor achievments think less of actually transfering your character and more of rebooting your character, you don't keep anything other than class and level And now my question: will transfers from Dragonwrath to the new 4.0.6 server be allowed?


Saphrea 2018-07-28 05:58:51 #

I see. Thanks for the info Valkasar. I did read that about the basic gear set and 1000g, but didn't know if that applied to transferred characters, or the lvl 80's that are being awarded if you make the transfer. I should have read it more carefully. I also echo your question in wanting to know if transfers off of Dragonwrath will be allowed...


Pelekon_dev 2018-07-29 05:21:05 #

@Valkasar @Saphrea We wrote about that in news about new realm "Our Dragonwrath players will be able to transfer some characters based on rules which will be published in the future."


Desolation 2018-07-29 09:52:17 #

hi, i have maxed account on mop realm, so it will be possible to transfer all my characters from mop? (ofc without pandaren :P)


Desolation 2018-07-29 09:56:13 #

@edit its from freakz mop realm, now they have left this realm and set instant 90, it will be a problem even if character was max lvled on x1?


drakekemorty 2018-07-30 05:27:41 #

Hi, I wanna know if I can transfer a character from Firestorm (Garrosh server). And what I need to do? Where I go to do that? <3


priestfeast 2018-07-30 09:02:51 #

Hello! I heard the transfers will be TO a new realm. However I can't find any information about what realm will receive the transfers. Is it a completely new one? If so, I want to transfer my characters FROM Atlantiss - Dragonwrath realm, will my characters be reset as well? Or will I keep all the gear/rep/profs etc ?


Pelekon_dev 2018-07-30 07:25:42 #

@priestfeast best solution for you will be start reading news which we post or even previous comments under this news, and don't listen to ppl from world chat


cmoudo33 2018-07-31 12:08:49 #

pls can someone write time of oppening groups?, because transfers will starts at tomorow & i found any transfer group


Runninamok 2018-08-01 03:13:20 #

Evertime I tried to see https://atlantiss.eu/transfer atm, I see a page that says nothing except I should be logged in , yet I am logged in. Is the xfer page operational yet ?


sylvy 2018-08-01 09:55:02 #

Hello. Thank you very much for opening that option. Im curious about lack of 'realm name' field in transfer form. We can only give realmlist, while some servers have multiple blizzlike realms on single realmlist. Will you check for given character on every realm from give realmlist? Im afraid of situation when you check in wrong realm, not see the maxed character i like to transfer and reject my transfer form.


22021992 2018-08-01 10:02:57 #

hello, someone could help me I can not enter transfers, when I click on the control panel I left that I should enter to access this page. Someone to help me I do not know if I'm doing the wrong steps ..


proton876a 2018-08-01 11:00:48 #

Same problem here, when I click on "control panel" in guide section I'm send to an empty page with "You must be logged in to enter thise page", regardlws that I'm logged in.


Rawgorilla 2018-08-01 11:28:23 #

Have the same problem as the previous one.


bigcalculator 2018-08-01 11:40:38 #

I have same problem with transfers page, saying you need to log in first.


bigcalculator 2018-08-01 11:43:36 #

Also, didn't see that in faq section, would me and my friend be able to transfer 2 characters from 1 account on other server so we can each play them here on separate accounts, or simple is it possible to transfer from 1 account on other to multiple accs on Atlantiss. thanks


cmoudo33 2018-08-01 01:13:27 #

No, on the new fresh cataclysm server that will oppened today at 6pm center european time


linfar 2018-08-01 03:43:20 #

I got response from the admin = Transfers can be made to our Dragonwrath realm, not any new realm. So you are wrong.


bigcalculator 2018-08-01 05:24:24 #

yeah, but i still can't see the transfer page, looks like it didn't start yet


cmoudo33 2018-08-01 06:41:43 #

my 3 transfers waiting, so go on https://atlantiss.eu/transfer and make yours


jangxzxz 2018-08-02 12:02:27 #

which means "we do not transfer characters from ats to ats"?


jangxzxz 2018-08-02 02:39:23 #

Until when will the transfers be?


cmoudo33 2018-08-02 09:24:09 #

jangxzxz transfers are avable from other servers into our server, not from alts to alts


martech 2018-08-02 11:05:32 #

i transfered an undead and cant move coz of first quest what should i do ????!!!!


Pelekon_dev 2018-08-02 11:06:57 #

@jangxzxz That means that transfers are from different servers to Atlantiss. I rejected many transfer request from Atlantiss to Atlantiss because some ppl can't read what we wrote or belive ppl from world chat and they think those transfers are to fresh realm which will be released in future.


martech 2018-08-02 11:32:31 #

i transfered from warmane and couldnt move my undead -_-


Rawgorilla 2018-08-02 11:52:35 #

I want to transfer chars from ezwow.org, its x2 MoP server. But they have their special WoW.exe, so in config.wtf realmlist just "AL". So my transfer has declined because of wrong realmlist. What to do ?


night123 2018-08-02 05:24:02 #

Hi, I'm going to ask the warmane server for Hyro Trans and Hi Hi Druid. I want to know if I can transfer this person here, I can get a mage


night123 2018-08-02 05:24:54 #

Hi, I'm going to ask the warmane server for Hero Trans and Hi Hi Druid. I want to know if I can transfer this person here, I can get a mage


dragonzszs 2018-08-02 06:45:55 #

huhhhhh, i put all the infos correctly, i even have a print from the log in screen on warmane website, but still it says ''wrong username/password''? wtf?


dragonzszs 2018-08-02 06:51:58 #

nvm, fixed it lmao


ncortex2 2018-08-02 09:08:14 #

yo friends .. how long will this transfer-system work ? till when ! :)


hanrodup 2018-08-03 01:53:47 #

Hi. I spend a lot of money on my other account's characters. Everything I bought and worked up to, will be lost?


finchcz 2018-08-04 12:12:15 #

I transfered my characters long time ago, but i never played here too much. Cataclysm is boring and not interresting. When i watched population on atlantiss from time to time, it looks like it is dying slowly. But for somebody cata can be fun for period of time. You should bring pandas or something newer.


hojat2015 2018-08-10 12:46:19 #

id:hojat2015 pass:4243225h server monster id:hojat2015 pass:4243225h server atlantis


laprimo3 2018-08-12 10:15:36 #

I can transfer from monster wow?


fanatiq 2018-08-13 10:20:01 #

what about from retail ?

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